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Our group is composed of board-certified internists with subspecialties in Cardiology, Rheumatology, and Gastroenterology; First and foremost, we are internists. The specialty of Internal Medicine emphasizes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of medical illnesses and conditions that affect adults. Our three subspecialties cover the most common areas of disease likely to afflict the long island population. Here at Broadway Medical Associates we can treat almost all of your medical problems without the need for you to go to other centers for multiple testing. Furthermore, unlike many facilities, we are certified by ICAEL in echocardiography and by ICAVL in vascular testing. In order to become certified by those organizations, we had to undergo rigorous quality assurance. You can be reassured that your echocardiograms and carotid duplex scanning are accurate and of excellent quality.

We also have a state of the art suite, CSR, where gastroenterology procedures endoscopy and colonoscopy, and cardiology stress testing and ultrasound can be preformed accurately and with little discomfort. We have board certified anesthesiologists on staff for those procedures requiring sedation.

Experience is paramount when it comes to your health. Our physicians have been in practice together for more than 30 years. We are one of only a few centers equipped with an MCG machine. This permits us to test in seconds, non-invasively, the likelihood whether you have coronary artery disease. Very few centers have the capability if testing your autonomic nervous system, which could be the cause of many of your symptoms. With our ANSAR machine we can determine within minutes if your autonomic nervous system is functioning properly. Above all is our concern for our patients. Most people do not wish to be ill and go to a doctor’s office. We try to reduce your stress, to answer your questions, and to employ and attentive, caring staff. And of course, we try to prevent illness, accurately diagnose what is wrong, and heal what we can. We encourage our patients to be partners in their care. Experience and dedication to our patients, while using the most modern technology available, is what makes our practice stand out above others.
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